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>>> Alas, the Code4Lib mailing list software will most likely need to be migrated before the end of summer, and I’m proposing a number possible options for the lists continued existence...
>> Our list — Code4Lib — will be migrating to the Digital Library Federation (DLF) sometime in the near future. 
> This is a gentle reminder that the Code4Lib mailing list will be migrating to a different address sometime in the very near future. Specifically, it will be migrating to the Digital Library Federation. I suspect this work will be finished in less than thirty days, and when I know the exact address of the new list, I will share it here.
> Thanks go to the DLF in general, and specifically Wayne Graham and Bethany Nowviskie for enabling this to happen. “Thanks!”

Yet again, this is a reminder that the mailing list will be moving, and I think the list's address will be associated with CLIR (Council on Library and Information Resources), which is the host of the DLF (Digital Library Federation). [1, 2]

Wayne Graham & I (actually, mostly Wayne) have been practicing with the migration process. We have managed to move the archives and the subscriber list (complete with subscription preferences) to a new machine. We — Wayne & I — now need to coordinate to do the move for real. To do so we will put the mailing list on “hold”, copy things from one computer to another, and then “release” the new implementation. The only things that will get lost in the migration process are messages sent to the older implementation. Consequently, people will need to start sending messages to a new address. I’m not sure, but this migration might start happening very early next week — June 20. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming (all puns intended).

[1] CLIR -
[2] DLF -

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