Hello, all.  We’re looking for a developer to join us at the University of
Miami Libraries.   Web & Application Development consists of the department
head, one Digital Preservation & Application Development Librarian, two
programmers (once you join us!), one web designer, and at times a student
worker.  We are responsible, broadly, for all the public interfaces to
library systems, selected backend systems, and for providing application
development and support for our colleagues in the Libraries.  In addition,
we lead user research on web products, and do research and development on
technologies and applications that might be beneficial to the Libraries or
the library community.

*Apply Here: *

The UM Libraries is undergoing a growth spurt in the area of Digital
Strategies, with new hires in GIS Services, Digital Humanities, Data
Scholarship and a Digital Infrastructure Librarian, so we expect a lot of
new and interesting projects to come our way.  We have a couple of existing
open source projects out there (SubjectsPlus [1] and the Remixing Archival
Metadata Project [2]), and are generally a pretty congenial group.

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like more information.

Andrew Darby
Head, Web & Application Development
University of Miami Libraries