​​The Open Preservation Foundation is pleased to announce that the National
Library of Norway has become its latest charter member. The National
Library of Norway collects all media types published in Norway, including
radio and television broadcasts, films, music, and the Norwegian part of
the Internet. Within the coming 20–30 years, they plan to digitize their
complete collection. 90% of all books ever published in Norway, 30% of all
newspapers and nearly 100% of all recorded radio programs from the largest
and oldest radio broadcast station in Norway are already digitised.

In January 2016, a revised legal deposit law was passed in Norway, which
includes the right to do full domain Internet harvest and the legal deposit
of the digital masters for paper publications. With a digital collection of
5.2 petabytes of unique data, growing at a rate of 1 petabyte per year, it
is vital for the National Library to have a trustworthy solution for
digital preservation. They are looking at preservation in terms of 1000

*Svein Arne Solbakk, Director for Digital Library Development, National
Library of Norway* commented: “We have been working in digital preservation
for more than 15 years. In this time, the library has collaborated with
several other national libraries on issues related to digital preservation.
We are now starting work on revising our digital preservation policies and
practice. We consider OPF a valuable arena to discuss digital preservation
with other institutions experiencing the same challenges, and to learn
valuable lessons from how the other institutions have implemented their
digital preservation”.

*Joachim Jung, Executive Director, Open Preservation Foundation* commented:
“We are very pleased to welcome the National Library of Norway as our
newest member, and were happy they could join us at our Annual General
Meeting in June. Fostering collaboration between our members is a priority
for the Foundation. We are fascinated by their ambitious digitisation
project, and look forward to working with them”.

The National Library of Norway joins OPF members from archives, libraries,
research institutions, universities, and service providers collaborating on
shared solutions for effective and efficient digital preservation.

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