Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology
Brigham Young University

Master's (or doctoral) degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or
related technical field.

A minimum of six years of experience in an academic environment.

At least five years of successful, progressively responsible experience in the
management of information systems organizations, preferably in a research
library or in a related academic or research setting.

Preferred: At least two years of experience in a library setting or a Master's
degree in Library Science.

Ability to envision and set high-level strategy for information systems within
the library and to lead the transitions that are required to meet current and
future organizational and technological needs.

Ability to foresee and articulate the short- and long-term ramifications of
technological decisions.

Diplomacy to clearly and persuasively advocate for new directions, solutions,
and resources.

Ability to identify and diagnose existing conditions in the technology
marketplace within the context of the needs of the BYU libraries.

Expertise to apply current technologies and the library's available resources
to the resolution of problems and the development of new and improved

Ability and desire to work collaboratively with the senior leadership team of
the library to advance the library's mission.

Excellence in oral, interpersonal, and written communication.

Ability to mentor direct reports and to make difficult human resources

Flexibility in adapting to changing university and library priorities and to
ever-changing technological and higher education environments.

Ability and desire to understand the needs of and collaborate effectively with
colleagues, students, and faculty.


Envision and implement groundbreaking IT solutions that help students and
faculty at a top-ranked university library.

The Associate University Librarian for Library Information Technology builds
and mentors a team of IT professionals and impacts the vision and strategy of
the library as an active member of the senior management group. Benefits
include support for research, presenting, and publishing along with vacation,
insurance, retirement savings, and appreciation for work-life balance. This is
a continuing faculty status track position (equivalent of tenure) in the
Harold B. Lee Library at Brigham Young University. Responsibilities of this
position include the following:

University Citizenship

Behaves in a manner reflecting honor, integrity, collegiality, civility,
respect, concern for others, and adherence to the CES Honor Code.

Supports, and makes affirmative contributions to the university and library
mission, goals, and objectives.

Observes university and library policies.

Participates on university, library, and consortia committees that go beyond
assigned responsibilities.

Participates actively in the intellectual life of the university, library, and

Participates willingly in citizenship, leadership, and governance activities
in the university, library, and department, including service in rank and
status reviews, hiring processes, etc.

Collaborates with colleagues in citizenship and librarianship.

Mentors, encourages, and advises colleagues and students.

Serves the scholarly/professional community through activities such as:

Holding office or performing committee service in relevant associations; or

Organizing professional meetings and/or panels; or

Editing newsletters or journals; or

Serving on editorial boards; or

Serving as a referee of scholarship.

Employs professional expertise in service to the community and the Church.

Attends university, library, and department meetings, including devotionals,
forums, convocations, etc.

Participates collaboratively in international and service-learning and other
activities that enhance BYU's approved outreach efforts.

If requested, teaches academic courses for credit, either in assigned
departments or related subject areas.

Librarianship: Professional Assignment

Demonstrates effectiveness in library and campus leadership by:

Establishing high-level strategy and vision for information systems which
serve the current and future needs of the library and its patrons.

Developing, identifying, monitoring, and applying (as appropriate) best
practices in 21st century research librarianship/higher education that support
the library's and university's strategic priorities. Advocates for appropriate
directions, new technologies and solutions. Articulates short- and long-term
ramifications of technology considerations to a non-technical audience.
Evaluates impact of IT services.

Providing leadership for the implementation of the library's action-oriented
and user-focused strategic initiatives with particular emphasis on the
information systems elements.

Implementing and/or following university and library policies incorporating
high standards of effective communication and principles of shared governance,
as appropriate.

Encouraging collaboration, innovation, and partnerships within the library, on
campus, and beyond. Works with colleagues in the Utah Academic Libraries
Consortium (UALC) to leverage shared services when possible. Works with
colleagues in CCLA to provide various levels of support from advisory/training
(BYU-H) to full IT services (Hunter Library).

Providing leadership to and stewardship for the (currently) four units and 19
employees of the Library Information Technology Division and for the fiscal
and physical resources allocated to the division. Develops robust recruitment
and retention strategies for employees within the division.

Insuring that the information and communications technology (ICT) needs of
library patrons and personnel are being met within the resources allocated.
Identifies and advocates for new resources as needed.

Establishing and maintaining an excellent working relationship with OIT. Works
jointly with OIT to reduce infrastructure redundancy and leverage OIT-provided
enterprise-wide resources and services so that library resources may be
concentrated upon systems, development, and tasks unique to the library.

Developing/maintaining relationships with key University administrators and
faculty to advance library and university goals with particular attention to
those with responsibility for IT issues and services.

Sets and accomplishes relevant goals within specified professional

Participates on the following committees:

Administrative Council

Executive Administrative Council

Library Coordinating Council

Library and Scholarly Communications Advisory Council

UALC Systems Committee

CCLA Systems Committee

Serves as administrative sponsor of the following committees/working groups:

Discovery Systems Management Committee

Ex Libris Management Committee

Library Systems Management Committee

Web Working Group

Achieves appropriate quantity and quality of work in assigned professional

Uses sound judgment in decision-making.

Manages personnel and budgetary resources effectively.

Librarianship: Professional Development

Stays abreast of issues and trends in ICT with a specific focus on ICT
application in libraries. This includes staying abreast of and, when
appropriate, supporting developments in open source software applicable to

Stays abreast of scholarship in library and information technology and other
appropriate subject areas.

Takes courses to enhance professional assignment and/or career opportunities.

Studies professional literature.

Attends conferences, workshops, seminars, and lectures relevant to
responsibilities and within available resources.

Participates in appropriate professional associations such as ACRL, ALA/LITA,
ASIS&T, etc.

Participates in approved professional development leaves.

Librarianship: Scholarship/Creative Work

Presents research or innovative/unique information at conferences, workshops,
seminars, and/or other professional/scholarly meetings.

Publishes significant and original contributions relevant to the library
profession and/or the world of academic scholarship at the juncture of ICT and

Develops and releases software applicable to library needs.

Curates exhibits that highlight unique library materials or services with a
unified theme and context.

Produces and presents aesthetic or creative expressions in performing or
creative arts relevant to the position's work assignment or subject

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