Dear NDSA Community,

As Summer begins, we are writing to provide an update on events and
activities, and to call for your participation in NDSA leadership.

New Members and Activities

During the Spring, the NDSA community launched the Third Annual Web
Archiving Survey,  the 2016 Digital Preservation Innovation Awards, and are
busy preparing for the 2016 Digital Preservation conference, in Milwaukee.

This Spring was also a time for membership renewals -- we contacted all
organizational members, the vast majority renewed their commitments to
NDSA. And NDSA has welcomed six new organizational members in the last
 four months, making a total of eleven new organizational this year (view
the full member list <>).


This Summer we turn our attention to renewing our leadership.  We
gratefully thank outgoing working group chairs and coordination committee
members for extending their service across the transition period. And we
now pleased to welcome new chairs for NDSA working groups -- you can learn
about them and the working groups through the NDSA Leadership web page

Members of the Coordination Committee serve staggered three year terms.
Five members of the coordinating committee have completed their terms, and
will be retiring as of the Fall meeting. We gratefully thank Jonathan
Crabtree, Meg Phillips, John Spencer, Helen Tibbo, and Kate Wittenberg for
their many contributions.

Following a public call for nominations, there is a slate of five
candidates to join the coordination committee:


   Bradley Daigle, Partnerships/Content Lead, APTrust

   Carol Kussman, Digital Preservation Analyst, U of Minnesota Libraries

   Mary Molinaro, Chief Operating Officer & Services Manager, DPN

   Gabby Redwine, Digital Archivist at Yale

   Helen Tibbo, Alumni Distinguished Professor, SLIS, UNC-Chapel Hill

Voting will be open from August 1st-August 15th.  All organizational
contacts will receive a link to the voting mechanisms and candidate
statements in advance of the voting period. The primary representative of
each member organization may vote once for up to five out of six
candidates, and those candidates receiving the most votes overall will be

Streamlining Working Groups and Interest Groups

As NDSA grows, we aim to streamline the process of forming and convening
NDSA groups. Currently, all NDSA groups are chartered by the Coordination
Committee.  The CC and WG chairs propose to enable NDSA members to directly
generate Interest Groups and Working Groups at  will, using an open
process, in order (respectively) to discuss mutual interests, and advance
joint projects..

The full process is documented here:
 In sum, we aim to require of groups only  that they be documented
publicly, be open to participation, be transparent in discussion and
outputs, have a designated Facilitator, and garner the involvement of at
least three individual participants from different organizations.

WGs and IGs are encouraged and authorized to share news, events, calls for
comments, and draft outputs (with appropriate NDSA branding and WG
attribution) through the NDSA mailing lists and social media channels.
Final (non-draft) reports and recommendations will be published on the NDSA
website after review by NDSA-CC.

Interest Groups will remain the gateway for new members into NDSA
activities, and the existing Content, Standards and Practices,
Infrastructure, and Innovation Working Groups will be  redesignated as
Interest Groups. (The Outreach WG will be sunsetted, as scheduled earlier,
and its communication activities have been  integrated into the scope of
 NDSA leadership, our host organization, and other interest groups.)

Ongoing projects will be formally recognized and documented as Working


   Digital Preservation 2016 Program WG - Helen Tibbo and Bethany Nowviskie

   Web Archiving Survey 2016 WG - Christie Moffat

   Innovation Award 2016 WG - Jane Mandelbaum

   National Agenda 2016 WG - Micah Altman

We welcome comments on this process, and proposals for new Interest Group
and Working Group topics.

This fall, we look forward to seeing you at Digital Preservation 2016.
During the conference the community will have an opportunity to welcome in
the new members Coordination Committee;  congratulate the recipients of the
digital innovation awards; see the results of the web archiving survey;
hear about many the  other community initiatives will be presented in
posters, panels and papers; meet with others in their working and interest
groups; and listen to Bergis Jules’s keynote talk.

We encourage everyone to join us at Digital Preservation 2016; to join a
Interest Group as member or volunteer coordinator; and to vote in the
upcoming Coordinating Committee Elections. And if you haven’t already,
please follow @NDSA2 on Twitter, put November 9-10 on your calendar for
Digital Preservation 2016, and send your updated contact information to
[log in to unmask]

Very Best,

Micah Altman &  Bethany Nowviskie

On behalf of the NDSA Coordinating Committee

Micah Altman, Ph.D. <>           Twitter:
Director of Research -- MIT Libraries; Head/Scientist, Program on
Information ScienceMy pronouns are: he / him
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