Hello Christian, Vicki,

at Sound and Vision we developed an open source application for
crowdsourcing descriptive video tags.
It was developed over time with the use cases of three popular television
- "Farmer seeks wife" (KRO)
- "Man bites dog" (NTR)
- "Mocking bird" (VARA)

The scoring system matches tags for specific thesaurus terms - in our case:
locations and persons (via the common thesaurus we developed for
audiovisual archives in the region) and, for the "mocking bird"
installment, a thesaurus of bird names.

You can find the Mocking bird version here:
and the white label version for you to play around with here:

Let us know should you have any questions.

Kind regards,

Erwin Verbruggen
Project lead R&D
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Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision
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On Fri, Jul 29, 2016 at 11:59 PM, Christian P. Sarason <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Folks!
> I have a colleague (Vicki Ferrini <[log in to unmask]>) working in
> the deep-sea research community that is developing a system for
> crowd-sourcing video annotations of submersible dive video.
> You can think of it like a system that allows tagging of "I see a fish!"
> level of categorization. She is conducting a survey (see below) and I
> thought immediately of code4lib, as there are likely a number of you that
> have either thought of this problem or already solved it.
> When I mentioned code4lib to her and she thought your input might be
> helpful --- the survey below is targeted to deep sea researchers, but I'm
> sure could use your feedback if you are interested in this problem!
> Thanks for all you do in this community; although I don't post much I
> really enjoy lurking here to soak up the collective code4lib aura.
> Best Regards,
> Christian
> --
> web:
> twitter: @cpsarason
> Hi all,
> > I'm working on a project to develop a prototype Citizen Science interface
> > for bookmarking observations in underwater video. The bookmarks are
> > intended to provide first order indexing into observations of interest,
> > which can then be used by scientists for more detailed observations and
> > analysis.  Your input on a brief survey to inform this project would be
> > greatly appreciated:
> > We're hoping to have all feedback by Aug 1.
> > Please feel free to forward to colleagues.
> > Best,
> > Vicki