A recent server upgrade seems to have broken our installation of 
LibStats.  It appears that the database abstraction layer it uses, 
PEAR::DB, is not working correctly.  Once instantiated, it's supposed to 
have methods like getOne() and getAll() that execute a SQL query and 
retrieve the results; but keeps complaining that these are undefined.

I'm pretty sure this has something to do with the fact that the upgrade 
-- to Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS -- installed PHP 7, up from 5.6.  According to 
the PEAR web site, PEAR::DB is supposed to be compatible with PHP 7 
despite being ancient and crufty, but it's not working.

Anyone have any insight on how to get PEAR::DB to play nice in its new 
environment?  Because the other option would be going in and rewriting 
all the database queries to use a more modern database abstraction 
layer.  Probably PDO.  That's certainly doable, but it'd be quite a 
pretty fair chunk of work, and in the meantime our reference and access 
services staff can't log their stats normally.

Will Martin