Assuming you only want to compare one table at a time, a simple/hacky way to do this in Excel might be:

1) Dump the output from the original table into sheet1

2) Dump the output from the post-migration table into sheet2

(Assuming the unique ids are in column A in both cases and, for the sake of example, that you have two additional columns you want to compare, and there are 5000 rows)
3) On sheet 1, add columns for each of the fields you want to compare with formulae eg cell D1 has =VLOOKUP($A1, sheet2!$A$1:$C$5000, 2, FALSE)  and E1 has =VLOOKUP($A1, Sheet2!$A$1:$C$5000, 3, FALSE)

4) And F1, add a formula =IF(B1<>D1,"NO_MATCH",""); likewise G1 =IF(C1<>E1,"NO_MATCH","ok")

5) "Fill down" for all these columns

6) At the bottom of each column have a cell =COUNTIF(F1:F5000, "NO_MATCH")  - if the result is anything other than 0 then there's a discrepancy and you need to scroll through it with sharp eyes looking for wherever "NO_MATCH" might pop up

Step (3) deals with the case that the rows are in a different order from one table to the next. If you're confident that's not an issue you could skip it and make things even easier. I mention it mostly because it's helped me do amazing things with adding bib usage counts from an old system + counts from a new system.


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We are upgrading our DSpace repository in the upcoming month and need a way to test that our custom fields and URI handles migrated properly. I'm looking for a simple method to compare the data. Our repository only has about 26K records so I'd like to think I can toss this into an Access or even Excel function. Though I am open to any tool that can let me compare and report any discrepancies. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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