Just a reminder that next Monday will be our S&P interest group call on
the topic of the review of ISO 14721 and the OAIS Community Forum (8/15/16
@ 1:00pm EST).


* Hear from Bob Downs on the Review of ISO14721

* Hear from Paul Wheatley on the OAIS Community Forum
* Open Discussion

Call Details:

  *   Monday, August 15th at 1:00pm eastern time
  *   To join the call, just go to in your
browser, or call 202-750-4186 by phone -- no PIN needed.

Please let me know if you would like to add anything to the agenda, or
especially if you have ideas for our next call in September.


NDSA S&P Co-Convener

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>Hi All,
>Hope you are all are enjoying these summer days. I have good news to
>share ‹
>In short:
>  *   July 18th call ‹ cancel?
>  *   August 15th call ‹ be there!
>  *   Fixity conversation ‹ new distribution list.
>The agenda for our August 15th call is shaping up nicely. As discussed at
>our last call, wešve reached out to learn more about the OAIS Community
>Forum and the review of ISO14721. A big thanks to Andrea Goethals for
>taking the lead in proposing this topic for conversation, and for
>reaching out for more information. In fact, I think our conversation will
>be very interesting -- Paul Wheatley from DPC will join us to talk about
>the OAIS Community Forum effort, and Dr. Bob Downs from Columbia
>University (and a member of the CCSDS-DAI WG) will talk about the review
>of ISO14721.
>I have not heard any proposals for Agenda items for our July 18th call,
>and itšs reminded me that quite likely some of you are on vacation
>anyway. Išm not, but I will be away at IU and would welcome a recess from
>this months call. So, I propose to cancel the July 18th call unless
>someone else would like to coordinate an agenda or discussion. You might
>keep this time set aside to review the OAIS Community
>orum> wiki.
>Finally, wešve made good progress with the joint NDSA Standards &
>Practices + Infrastructure reconstitution of the past Fixity
>conversations. A joint-call with members from both groups took place on
>5/31/16 and we had excellent conversation on taking additional steps to
>advance the Checking Your Digital
>Report-final100214.pdf> report (the result of a prior collaboration). At
>the present a survey is proposed in order to gather more details on the
>actual practices that organizations are employing to monitor fixity. The
>delay, which I apologize for as that fell on me, surrounded ŗhow should
>we coordinate˛ and on that matter wešve had good conversation about the
>new NDSA structure which proposes distinguishing Working Groups from
>Interest Groups. Therefore, this topic will advance as the first NDSA
>Working Group and we have set up a distribution list to support this
>coordinated effort. Wešll be sure to report back to both the S&P and
>Infrastructure interest groups, keeping everyone in the loop. Therefore,
>if you would like to join the new FIXITY distribution list with the
>intent of participating in some of the work involved with creating a
>survey around implementation of Fixity, please drop me a line and I will
>send your name along to our contact at DLF.