Open source image captioning project may be of interest:

Perhaps ideal for providing automatic captions to be corrected by the crowd
or professional curators.
An evaluation on arxiv gives examples:
Not completely accurate but they look like a good starting point.



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I forwarded this separately to internally at WMF a few days ago. Clearly –
before thinking of building workflows for human contributors to generate
captions or rich descriptors of media files in Commons – we should look at
what's available in terms of off-the-shelf machine learning services and

#1 rule of sane citizen science/crowdsourcing projects: don't ask humans to
perform tedious tasks machines are pretty good at, get humans to curate
inputs and outputs of machines instead.


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> Perhaps of interest: "...We’re making the latest version of our image
> captioning system available as an open source model in TensorFlow."
> captioning-open.html
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