Thanks for the reminder. Is that 11 a.m. EDT?





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Going once, going twice…


Current agenda is:

1)       A summary of Dodging the Memory Hole and where to find more info from Ed McCain

2)       Recap of the Web Archiving group’s meeting at SAA from Christie Moffatt.


If you have additions, please let me know. 


Looking forward to talking to you tomorrow at 11!  Call-in information is as follows: dial in to the meeting at 202-750-4186. No PIN is needed. Or join via web browser at





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Hi All,


We’re scheduled to meet a week from today at 11AM to talk about all things Content!  Is there anything that anyone wants to put on the agenda?  Does anyone have any updates?


Currently we have a few minutes for Ed McCain to talk about the latest incarnation of “Dodging the Memory Hole.”  Christie Moffatt is also going to give a quick recap of the Web Archiving group’s meet and greet at SAA in August, and update on the draft report’s status.


In October, we’re going to talk about tools.  Lauren is heading to Archivematica Camp before then, so she’ll be able to report back.  Would anyone like to volunteer to fill us in on DocNow’s prototype for Twitter capture then?  And, are there any other products or tools that folks would like to talk about?  We’re all ears!