The funny thing about this thread, to me, is that one of the reasons I
started down the path was to address the "Let's show accurate
business hours for search results on the web without having to indvidually
update Google+ pages, Facebook pages, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, yada yada"
thanks to a pointer I received back in 2012 [1].

However, despite having built
data visibility into Evergreen back in 2013 [2], published "how-to" guides
for making library organizational data visible on the web [3], and having
implemented on our own library website + Evergreen, I still have
to manually update our library's Google+ (err, sorry, that's now Google My
Business) page and have seen no evidence that Google or any other major entity has actually picked up on this markup ever.
Which is, you know, a wee bit disappointing and perhaps cautionary. If your
primary goal is to save labour by investing in a one-time "let's publish
our data centrally" effort, right now the beautiful dream doesn't match the

When I crawled the ~5,000 Canadian library & archives websites I'm aware of
in September, I found 5 with markup [4]. That's
not encouraging, and perhaps that ratio is similar to what the big web
entities are finding for organizations in general, which would make it hard
for them to really care much either. The egg is linked to the chicken which
is linked to the egg...


On Thu, Oct 27, 2016 at 10:47 AM, Christine McClure <[log in to unmask]>

> Hi Joel (and everyone)-
> You can't set up special hours that have adjacent 24 hour days for GMB
> sites*. What you can do is change your "normal" hours to 24 hours, then set
> up special dates for those days when you're not open 24 hours. So if your
> library opens for 24 hours during finals week, you have to switch back and
> forth.
> At my previous library, I left the hours section blank on the GMB page
> since search engine results were correctly routing users to our hours page
> on the website--which dynamically pulls hours from a standard GCal. That
> way I didn't have to constantly remember to update the hours throughout the
> semester.
> *You can get support from Google by direct messaging @googlemybiz on
> Twitter. I also mentioned to them it would be much more helpful for
> businesses like ours to have GMB pull hours from a standard GCal.