Heya Ken,

On 10/10/16 1:50 PM, Ken Irwin wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I'm working on a web project that I didn't start out thinking was going to have logged-in users, just unlogged guest website visitors. Now I'm belatedly looking for a solution to add some basic login, change password, lost password type user stuff.
> Does anyone have suggestions for open source packages that handle this in a way that integrates well with existing PHP scripts? I've written a few things from scratch to do this sort of thing years ago, but I'm hoping we now live in a world where there are easy, free, open-source solutions that integrate easily.
> Any favorites?

I don't play much with PHP (this will be your only warning ;-)) but when 
I last did I was using Laravel[0] which had what you are asking for.

In fact it was precisely what I needed to solve. The *problem* is I 
ended up re-writing the application in Laravel so approach with caution. 
That said standing on the shoulders of giants appealed very much to me 
for the aforementioned, I don't play much with PHP




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