Hi all,

The system at the UIUC Library that you would want to look at is this:   

Think of it as a public-facing front-end to the Medusa preservation archive.  The data from our local CONTENTdm collections are already in the Medusa preservation archive, and soon they will all also be available through the public web interface; currently only a subset are.  After this we will be retiring our on-premises CONTENTdm.

Also of interest might be our nascent data repository, Illinois Data Bank,   It too makes use of the Medusa preservation system and infrastructure.

Pretty much all digital data managed by the UIUC Library are in Medusa or will be.   This is currently around 26 million files in about 1000 collections or 83 TB of content, replicated at two data centers on campus and backed up to Amazon Glacier.

The digital library access system also uses our homegrown IIIF image server,   The Cantaloupe IIIF server is really the only open source part that is packaged, documented, and could be easily deployed or reused.  However, for the  adventurous, all (or most?) of our code for all of the above systems is available on GitHub,  

Most of this was developed by the UIUC Library IT, Scholarly Communication & Repository Services (SCARS) team.

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Tom Habing

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This is pretty interesting — is Medusa a home-grown solution? I can’t find information about who made it on the FAQ.

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This isn¹t quite my area, but thought I¹d chime in to say that the U.
Illinois Library is piloting a few collections in Medusa (more details on this here: as a potential replacement for CONTENTdm.



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>We at Purdue Libraries are on the same boat. Already talked with OCLC 
>about hosted solution, but we are really now thinking of and looking 
>into a better local alternative. We don't plan to make any moves any 
>time soon so would be very interested in hearing what others are 
>-- Noel
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>I wanted to solicit some feedback and advice from my code4lib 
>colleagues about Digital Collections and Institutional Repository software solutions.
>For the past several years we have used a local installation of 
>CONTENTdm as our digital repository 
>[]. Due to OCLC's recent announcement 
>of a shift to a "hosted only" model for CONTENTdm, we are starting to research our options for change.
>We would like to be able to provide additional functionality for our 
>library digital collections, and to provide our campus with a more 
>versatile institutional repository.
>If your institution is using CONTENTdm Hosted, Islandora, Digital 
>Commons, or other similar products, I'd love to get a feel for your 
>experiences -- especially about migrating to your current platform from 
>an earlier product. If you have some time for a few brief questions by 
>email please feel free to contact me off list.
>Thanks very much for your time.
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