Hi everyone,

If you have used in the past you may have noticed that job posting has not really been functional for the past few weeks. The root cause of this was the eventual shutdown of Google's Freebase API, which the application relied on heavily for tagging employers, locations and subjects. You can read more about it in this issue ticket if you are interested:

Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth to refactor the code at this point. Before the shutdown of the Freebase API I was actually finding it difficult to moderate the many new jobs that would show up via RSS. In theory this could've been done by any logged in user, but I was often the only person doing it. I'm not complaining--I was the one who set it up to to work this way. I also have been paying $20/month to host it, which isn't a lot -- but hey, it adds up.

So .... this is all to say, on November 1st I am planning on creating a static version of the site, and dumping the data as JSON, which I will put up on Internet Archive for anyone else wanting to create a similar service. The code will continue to live up at GitHub [1]. 

I apologize if this rubs anyone the wrong way, but it is super to see people still posting jobs to the email list as they always have. Applications age like fish, data ages wine -- or so they say...