Dear Code4Lib members,

We are pleased to announce the 2017 Code4Lib Conference keynote speakers!...

* Opening keynote speaker, March 7: *Andreas ("Dre") Orphanides. *

Dre is the Associate Head of User Experience at NCSU. He is also a long
time participating Code4Lib community member. He is one of the co-founders
of the beloved Code4Lib workshop, Fail4Lib, which created an inclusive and
safe space to talk about project failures and generate constructive
conversation around the failures. He's given brilliant and thoughtful talks
on user experience and system design.
Code4Lib talk Architecture is Politics
How to Nail In-Building Communication Channels

* Closing keynote speaker, March 9: *Christina Harlow*

Christina is not a consortium of people (I know, I've thought that also).
She is a brilliant technologist who works at Cornell University beating
data into submission. When she isn't doing that (here's why you've thought
her twitter account is a consortium) she is talking about the
aforementioned data to likeminded people all while managing to run
brilliant conferences. Her ability to describe data munging to
"non-natives" is something the entire code4lib community should experience,
not just the few who've managed to sit in on her workshops, follow her on
Twitter etc., Her generosity has likely impacted many in the code4lib
community directly or indirectly. It would also be a chance for her to
expand on her Missy Elliot themed talk in Philadelphia.

We'd like to thank and appreciate everyone's contribution to this process,
from enthusiastically nominating your favorite keynote candidate to
effectively voting in the final poll. Special thanks to Christopher Beer for
working hard on the Diebold-o-Tron poll platform, and also to Ross singer
for helping out.

We look forward to an exciting conference next March in Los Angeles!





Norma Palomino
Doctoral Candidate
DPS-IM Student, Cohort #5
School of Information Studies
Syracuse University