Hi everyone,

I've been working on a project called Nete that enables public
libraries/schools to very easily deploy their own mobile applications. The
intention is to make public libraries more accessible to a mobile-first
generation, and potentially more engaged with their patrons.

I am looking for feedback, questions, resources I may find helpful,
contributors, testers, potential early adopters, etc.

I am not a librarian and have never worked as a librarian; public or
otherwise. I would be open to any input/help!


The idea is to enable the public library or school to deploy a branded
mobile application to the Apple App store, Google Play store and mobile
browser that contains common sense features baked in; with very little
development time. The public library or school can then manage the content,
settings, and community of the mobile application via online interface or

I've developed a v1 functional prototype using Angular 1.5, Ionic, and
Google's Firebase. I'm now moving on to planning/development of v2 for
eventual release.

You can find more information here about v1 at my blog:

And my subsequent decision to begin v2:

Additionally, documentation for Nete: https://timothytavarez.

Tim Tavarez