I'm currently trying to systematise our use of EZproxy for
non-purchased/licensed resources.

There are two classes of non-purchased/licensed resources that I'm aware of.

The first is the class of PURL-like: services,, and so forth which are used to link to
purchased/licensed resources.Working out when we need to add these is
pretty straight-forward: navigating from our search services to a resource
fails with an authentication message and someone notices, complains and we
fix things.

The second class are services such as which,
while we don't have a formal relationship with them, leverage our openurl
resolver to enable users to access more content than the normally would.

My question is whether any one knows of any services in the second class
other than google scholar? The tricky thing here is that they're likely to
work as apparently expected but not offer as much access as they might.


Microsoft Academic Search appears not to do openurl, see


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