So can we see the samples - LITA's and NMRT's? And I'm also wondering who will be responsible for sending it out (i.e., who will it "come from") - C4L's "organization" being such that it is.
Christina Salazar
Broome Library
CSU Channel Islands
(PS I live in California where our Senate President Pro Tem and Assembly Speaker made a statement in regards to the US's current political situation, and their statement kept me personally from TOTALLY losing it. I believe a statement will make clear what otherwise might be an unknown for some.)

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Post-election statement affirming diversity from Code4Lib?

Hi Code4Libbers,

What do you think about issuing a post-election statement on diversity basically affirming that we stand by it?

If that _IS_ the majority opinion in Code4Lib which I am _POSITIVE_ that it is, then I want to hear it and I think others may well!

I just drafted one for LITA (to be out tomorrow hopefully). So I have some wordings that I can offer as a starting point.