Dear Fellow Libraryland Associates –

Some co-workers and I are asking ourselves questions around project management, prioritization, and communication within our humble Library IT department.

We thought soliciting what others are doing would be of benefit to us, as we attempt to improve. To that end:

- How do you prioritize library IT projects?
- How does your library make those decisions?
- Who is in the room when those decisions get made and who takes the lead on planning?
- How do you track on project progress and what tools do you use?
- How do you communicate to the library on planning, progress, delays and successes?

If you’d prefer to not reply to the listserv, here’s a Qualtrics version:

(Though intentional, apologies for inevitable cross-posting. One never knows about overlap and likelihood of response.)

Brian Rogers
Director of Library IT
University of Tennessee at Chattanooga