Hi all,
Very inexperienced coder here. At my institution we routinely get people asking what call number pertains to X subject, which made me want to explore the issue a little (just a little) more deeply. So after refreshing with some basic javascript I tested correlating classes to call numbers within an array using the JQuery UI autocomplete function. So one searches a subject (class), a call number is then displayed upon selection. The code itself is unremarkable, but the array is likely what matters, so I offer it to the greater collective to transform and improve. Please feel free to fork, transform, develop it here:

It's strange to think this hasn't been done already (as far as I can tell - maybe people have thought (rightly so)) I'll just wait for some poor dope to do this first). Also interesting is that the LC Classification Outlines<> available on the web are incomplete by design (full version for those with subscription), with some glaring omissions evident if one is to look closely at the schedules (but don't look too closely, it burns). What this tells me is that the available outlines for download can be improved, or perhaps customized how one sees fit. I created as comprehensive an array I could, with some additions (outlined on my GH page), but smaller ones could work well for specialized searching.  Entries using diacritics was an interesting issue to think about, and I'm curious how this hierarchy could be more innovatively visualized by those with greater skill. But it does work fairly well in LibGuides if one uploads it (master array) to their system admin area and links to it within any specific guide.

In any case, I hope this can lead to something more useful for those in libraryland. Thanks.


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