Event: Community Sourcing Development: FOLIO Special Interest Groups
Time: Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 11:00AM EST / 1600 GMT
Registration: Here

Recently, we learned about FOLIO’s roadmap
<> for development from
Harry Kaplanian at EBSCO. The FOLIO project is a joint venture and will be
relying upon the experiences and knowledge of functional experts across the
library world. Teams of experts are being organized into Special Interest
Groups (SIGs), to work on different functional areas of development for the
FOLIO suite of software. Within the SIGs both functional experts from
libraries and project developers work closely together with user experience
designers and project developers to develop FOLIO. This forum will provide
a history of work done to date on FOLIO using SIGs, as well as information
on new SIGs being organized around the functional areas of access
management, user management, and metadata management. We will also go into
more detail and provide a summary of work currently underway by the
Resource Management SIG. We will cover the different communication channels
and opportunities for additional involvement by interested experts.


   - Peter Murray, Open Source Community Advocate at Index Data
   - Dracine Hodges, Head of Technical Services, Duke University Libraries
   - Kristen Wilson, Associate Head of Acquisitions and Discovery, North
   Carolina State University Libraries
   - Kristin Martin, Electronic Resources Management Librarian, University
   of Chicago

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