Hi All,

At Digital Preservation 2016 in Milwaukee we agreed to share interest group calls and agendas via NDSA-ALL, as the interest groups have evolved to be more discussion oriented. In that sprit, please find below the draft agenda and call-in information for the Standards & Practices meeting at 1pm eastern time on Monday, November 21. If you have additional agenda items, please share those with me and I will add them to the agenda.


* Volunteer to take minutes
* Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation Survey (see below)
* Updates/reactions from DLF/DP (if time)


When: Monday, November 21st at 1pm eastern time zone
Where: To join the call, just go to in your browser, or call 202-750-4186<tel:202-750-4186> by phone-- no PIN needed.


From Carol Kussmann:

"The Standards and Practice Interest group has been discussing re-doing the 2013 Staffing for Effective Digital Preservation Survey/Report<>.  When this was written it was thought that follow up surveys would be given.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please add your name to the Google Doc<> and if possible attend the next Standards and Practices Interest Group call where we will discuss how to move forward on this.  The next meeting is Monday November 21 at 1-2pm Eastern.  Please watch NDSA All for the meeting agenda and call in information."


-Aaron Collie
S&P Co-Convener

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