Let's talk about representations of information professionals--both positive and negative--in pop culture. I get such a kick out them. Like that two-minute sequence in a ninety-minute action film where the plot is on hold because some obscure bit of information is locked away in a dusty basement collection? Chances are, that was my favorite part of the movie.

I've also encountered a lot of them in video games, which is delightful. Obviously, when the opportunity arose, I joined the Mage's Guild in Elder Scrolls just so I could gallop around the countryside collecting tomes for the libraries of Tamriel. And I wanted about three more hours of the storyline involving the wise Archivist spirit in Dragon Age: Inquisition. If you're ever playing and you come across a cool character, I'd love it if you shared screenshots of them with me on Twitter. I'll be posting a couple of my favorites later today.

Now that we've talked all about fictional jobs, here are some real-life ones you can apply for:

Next week, Team DLF will be out for the holidays, so there'll be no Digest.

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Until the new year, (What'll it be, 2013? 2014? I can't keep up.)

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