On 23 January 2017, Kyle Breneman wrote:

> Does your library have some kind of presence within your campus' learning
> management system (LMS)?  If so, what does that presence look like?

At York U (in Toronto) we use Moodle, and there's a Library Resources box that 
holds content customized for the student based on the course code of the course 
being looked at.  It looks like this:

Moodle calls a web service the library runs and passes in the course code.  The 
web service checks LibGuides to see which subject guides have been tagged as 
relevant to the course (e.g. 2016_SC_BIOL_1000, the course code, will be 
associated with a guide tagged sc/biol) or course guides (guides tagged 
sc/biol1000).  It also queries our ILS and gives a direct link to the listing 
of reserves in the course if there are any, and finally (not shown in the image, 
which is old), checks a Google Drive spreadsheet that matches people with 
subjects to give a link to My Librarian (at their profile page on LibGuides). 
It returns all this as a chunk of HTML that Moodle displays with some styling.

It seems like it should be useful but from what I can tell it gets a very small 
amount of clickthroughs compared to impressions.

William Denton :: Toronto, Canada ::
Caveat lector.