ffmprovisr <> (a community
resource for using and understanding ffmpeg) received some new scripts
recently, of interest to the community perhaps!

Batch processing (for Windows)
<> --
Windows users, rejoice! Batch processing help is no longer limited to
Mac/Linux units.

New FILTERS section -- A whole new section for ffplay/ffprobe filters,
including how to make a Vectorscope play on top of your video,
visualization for audio, seeing what pixels are out of broadcast range on a
video, and showing/exporting OCR from a video.

Generate QCTools Report
<> -- Guide to making a
report via the command line so you can import them into QCTools
<> later (so you can ask
your computer to do this and don't have to wait around for each video).

Unrelated to scripts, but ffmprovisr now renders securely through https. In
case you were worried about unencrypted command-line educational resources.
As always, you can "clone" (make a copy on your computer) the entire
repository and get all the scripts locally by opening index.html on your
computer, in case you ever need to use ffmprovisr without an internet
connection (or v. low internet connection, or if Github gets another DDoS

Thanks so much to some of the core team: Reto Kromer, Katherine Francis
Nagels, Kieran O'Leary. Thanks also to Andrew Weaver for contributions.

If there's something you would like to add or see added or need help
understanding, please open an issue
<> or submit a pull
request <>.

Stay vigilant!