Dear colleagues,

This is a brief update from the ArcLight design team regarding further
progress on design and timing for additional work in the coming months,
including calls for community feedback and contributions. ArcLight is
intended be a Blacklight <>-based environment
that supports discovery and digital delivery of information in archives.
The project team is using a community-oriented, collaborative design
process for Arclight
<> to
engage more institutions earlier in the process. We are currently in the
Information Architecture phase.

*Drafts of personas ready for feedback. *The design team recently completed
the creation of a set of six personas
representing common classes of users of ArcLight, including both
researchers and archivists. We encourage feedback from the broader
community on the wireframes by *January 31, 2017*. Please note that the
personas are not exhaustive and a list of requirements is still forthcoming
(see below). Any feedback should be submitted by email to
[log in to unmask]

*Requirements analysis underway.* We are continuing our work on the
requirements analysis from the existing sources previously developed and
compiled (personas, requirements documents from comparable projects, etc.).
We hope to complete this work over the next few weeks and will be releasing
drafts of these materials for additional feedback as well.

*Design sprints for wireframes.* To complete work on completion of the
Information Architecture phase, our designers Gary Geisler and Jennifer
Vine will be working on a set of three, one-week design sprints to focus on
the creation of wireframes. We expect this start at the beginning of
February and to have all three sprints completed by the end of March.

*Tentative development scheduling for minimum viable product and call for
community participation.* We are also hoping to schedule an eight-week
development cycle for a minimum viable product beginning from mid-March to
mid-May. We are particularly interested to hear from individuals or
institutions that are interested in participating in this first phase of
development. Please contact me directly at [log in to unmask] if you are
interested or have questions about how to best get involved.


The ArcLight design team:

Gary Geisler, Jennifer Vine, Laura Wilsey, and Mark Matienzo (Stanford
University Libraries)

Nabeela Jaffer, Chris Powell, and Mike Shallcross (University of Michigan)

Wendy Hagenmaier (Georgia Tech)


*Mark A. MATIENZO* | [log in to unmask]
Collaboration & Interoperability Architect

Digital Library Systems and Services, Stanford University Libraries

m: +1 (650) 683-5769 <(650)%20683-5769>