Wow. This is really thorough!

Did you look at other states in terms of becoming a 501c3? I was under 
the impression that some states are easier/cheaper than others.

There's also the Tides Foundation in San Francisco that provides the 
structure for a non-profit (staff, legal work, fiscal sponsorship, etc.) 
It seems to be stable.


On 1/23/17 11:37 AM, Galen Charlton wrote:
> Hi,
> Last year, following a discussion about whether to formalize Code4Lib,
> a group of us got together to investigate various options for
> establishing a more permanent fiscal arrangement for Code4Lib
> activities, including but not necessarily limited to the annual
> conference.
> Our report is now ready for the Code4Lib community to consider:
> This report is also available in PDF and Markdown; links to that can
> be found on the FCIG's main wiki page [1].
> In our report, we describe several options:
> * Option 1: maintain the existing practice of local conference
> planning committees seeking a new "fiscal host" each year
> * Option 2: implement a formalized, ongoing fiscal sponsor arrangement
> with an organization external to Code4Lib. In particular, we have
> solicited proposals from ALA/LITA and DLF/CLIR; these are detailed in
> the report.
> * Option 3: seek out non-profit organizational status for Code4Lib
> We also propose a process for discussing the report and its proposals
> online during the months of January and February and at Code4Lib 2017
> in Los Angeles, then make a decision whether to proceed with one of
> the options, either in the report or arising from the discussion.
> Folks from ALA/LITA and DLF/CLIR will be participating in the online
> discussions, so please feel free to direct questions at them. If they
> get a lot of questions, the FCIG may step in to help buffer the
> questions.
> I want to acknowledge that the notion of Code4Lib adopting a fiscal
> sponsor or forming a separate nonprofit organization has implications
> for our conception of our community and how we organize ourselves.
> Discussions of such foundational issues can be difficult, even
> fraught; kindness and respect should rule the conversation.
> I would like to thank the folks who have contributed to the work of
> the IG, and apologize if I've left any names out:
> Gillian Byrne
> Galen Charlton
> Cary Gordon
> Tom Johnson
> Kate Lynch
> Morgan McKeehan
> Eric Lease Morgan
> Chad Nelson
> Beatrice Pulliam
> Coral Sheldon-Hess
> [1]
> Regards,
> Galen

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