My colleague Sharon Shafer and I just had a minute to do some analysis. 
Over the past year, 536 courses had at least one student click the link 
to the guide. The links were clicked a total of 2955 times. In 62 
courses, the link was clicked at least 10 times.

These number come from our web site analytics. We would need to get 
metrics from the CCLE to determine click-through rate.

Clearly most students are not looking at the guides, but some course 
guides are definitely being used. Sharon plans to work with Librarians 
to develop KPIs and measure changes over the next year.

Hope that helps.

On 1/23/2017 10:57 AM, William Denton wrote:
> On 23 January 2017, Gary Thompson wrote:
>> 2. A referral link between a course and the best LibGuide. The link
>>   simply send the registrar's course ID to our Drupal site, which then
>>   resolves and redirects to the most specific guide according to these
>>   priorities:
>>     * A course-specific guide if one exists.
>>     * Else if the department can be identified, a subject/department
>>       guide.
>>     * Otherwise a generic guide about conducting research.
> What are your clickthrough rates here, do you know?  On our system 
> they're a fraction of one per cent, based on incomplete data over the 
> past year or so. (I'll have complete and accurate numbers at the end 
> of this academic year.)
> Bill