In upgrading from our old analog microfilm reader/printer; we purchased a Digital ScanPro 3000.

This has the capability to auto scan and save to USB rolls of microfilm.
We have not used this functionality, yet. 
Our patrons do use the save to USB and save to USB HD for their research, and love it.

The big advantage we have seen; poor exposures, extremely light handwriting, bleed through are all able to be "auto adjusted" and really improve quality of the output image.

Downside, it is pricy... 

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Hi all,

Does anyone on the list have much experience with microfilm scanning?  We have some old student newspapers and dissertations that we want to get into a digital format and while I do have a lot of expreience with photos, text, negatives, and large format media, I have not done microfilm. As such I am wondering if there is a good tool or set of tools to use when scanning microfilm? Either tools to scan with a standard bed-scanner or some kind of microfilm scanner?  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Matt Sherman