Do you work with a discovery service and a link resolver? If so, you can
help the NISO Tracking Link Origins Working Group
<> develop a NISO Recommended
Practice by completing this 5-minute survey:

The Tracking Link Origins working group wants to understand the range of
tools in place between citations and full text at a variety of libraries
and institutions. Understanding this navigation path -- often transparent
to the user -- is complicated because waystations on the path from origin
to destination often rewrite referring URLs, masking the actual origin of
the traffic to the organization that provides the content.

This brief survey will help us understand common pathways from citation
sources through library authentication and authorization to the full text.
If you opt to provide your name and contact information, a member of our
group may follow up with you to better understand the specifics of your
institution’s particular setup.

If you have questions about this survey, please address them to:

Ken Varnum

University of Michigan Library

Co-chair of the Tracking Link Origins Working Group

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Lisa O’Hara, University of Manitoba

Danielle Reisch, Wiley

Emily Singley, Boston College

Matthew Treskon, Loyola University

Ken Varnum, University of Michigan

Julie Zhu, IEEE

Ken Varnum
Senior Program Manager for Discovery, Delivery, and Library Analytics
Library Information Technology | University of Michigan Library
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