We use JIRA ( It is geared for software development but is very flexible and can be customized really for anything. 

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Our library system serves 31 branches in three counties, and we have historically used an Access database and forms to manage our marketing ticket system, for branch staff to enter requests and to manage print and web jobs for the marketing department. However, this system is showing its age and is becoming more disagreeable with wireless platforms and non-Windows devices. We are exploring other options, but I was curious what other library systems out there use for this type of thing and if there are any software systems available to purchase or open-source that libraries use for ticket systems.

The options we are considering right now are:

-          In-house build of a ticket system web application

-          Using Sharepoint Workflows

-          Best Practical Request Tracker system (based on Drupal)

I would love to find out about any other products or systems that libraries use for ticket systems in general or marketing/printing ticket systems specifically.

Thanks so much!

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