Several years ago, we got our IT department to build us a custom library
tab in Blackboard that appears in all courses by default. It has the
picture, contact information, and an instant message widget for the liaison
librarian for that department; a link to the subject or course guide for
that course (links to a little script hosted on a library server that
queries the subject/course guide system to see if there is a specific
course guide for that course, and if not sends them to the subject guide
for that department); links to the reserves for that course; and some
default links to useful library pages that are the same for all courses.
It's really been wonderful.



Julia Bauder

Social Studies and Data Services Librarian

Grinnell College Libraries

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> We are on the same “page” as you. Haha
> I have been pushing to have some system that reflects that students major
> or areas of interest, with links to our actual home page. Ive thought about
> using Campus Guides from Springshare's API for the data. Writing the code
> that interacts and gets the student info is the hard part.
> We use the Blackboard system.
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> >Does your library have some kind of presence within your campus' learning
> >management system (LMS)?  If so, what does that presence look like?
> >
> >Here at the University of Baltimore, we use Sakai and all users have
> access
> >to a tab, within Sakai, for the library.  The tab leads to a page that is
> >like an alternate portal to library services; very stripped down from what
> >you would get on our website, and in need of rethinking.
> >
> >Kyle