>> I just took a look in my spam folder.  Google is marking some Code4Lib mail as spam.  It's not every single message and seems to have been during the last week.
> This is the third mailing list weirdness brought to my attention in as many days. I will look into things more closely. Thank you. —Eric Morgan

I believe the mailing list hiccup has been resolved, maybe. 

More specifically, an old LISTSERV configuration where at Notre Dame seemingly got turned on.† This allowed people to post to the old address, and this made the LISTSERV here at Notre Dame send out mail. This mail was then trapped by Google and marked as spam (because of an even older configuration was not updated). I believe all of this is true because the Web4Lib list was doing similar things. I have turned off, yet again, the ability to post to the old LISTSERV application, and I’ll hope this resolves the issue. If not, then I will probably have the older Code4Lib mailing list sent to Big Byte Heaven.

† You could say a zombie had been created. 

Your’s truly, Eric Morgan