Well, hey!

LibUX  is having its first ever community webinar on February 16th, 1 - 2 p.m. EST, and I really hope you can all make it. It's free, and if people like it we'll do one each month - also free.

I'm really excited that this is a thing : ). If you don't know, LibUX<> is a community of designers, developers, librarians, info architecture people, content strategists, marketing folks, accessibility enthusiasts, and others, started by me -- Michael Schofield (@schoeyfeld<>) -- and Amanda L. Goodman (@godaisies<>). We do our best to make content that pushes the conversation around the user experience and libraries, non-profits, and higher-ed forward. There's a slack, if slacking is your thing:

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In the field of User Experience there are dishonest practices, misnomers, claims of special knowledges, and required skills that are touted as being 'common knowledge' or 'best practices'. These biases or 'trappings' are often encountered when working with various clients, project managers, product managers, designers, and even developers.

This webinar will focus on the prevailing quackery that exists in the field of UX when working with various stakeholders, performing research, or conducting user testing ... and what UX professionals can do to weed-out the quacks.

Our speaker
Tim Broadwater (@tim_broadwater<>) is an expert UI designer and certified UX developer that has worked for Fortune 500 companies, grant-based education initiatives, higher education institutions, and nonprofit organizations. For the past ten years he has lived in the greater Pittsburgh area. He's an avid foodie, a convention junkie, enjoys social gaming, and likes taking music and theatre road trips.