Since I posted my original question, I had a reply from SpringShare's support team. It looks like it is possible if you are using LibInsight or LibInsight Lite.

I would still be interested to hear from anyone who has successfully done this.

Message from SpringShare:

Hi Margaret,
I'm afraid that LibAnalytics doesn't have an API with which you can post data to your datasets. However, LibInsight Lite does have an API that can allow you to post data. LibInsight Lite is a free update for LibAnalytics customers and gives you the opportunity to migrate your existing LibAnalytics data to LibInsight Lite, which (in addition to the POST API) is on our LibApps platform and has improved features and more modern interface. If you'd like to learn more, you may find this guide helpful:

I've cc'ed your LibAnalytics administrator, ###, on this message so she is in the loop. Let me know if your library is interested in the free upgrade and I'll get the installation process started for you. Once you've migrated your datasets, you can create a new POST API from within LibInsight, which will provide you with the information you'll need. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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I would be super interested in this as well!

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    I would be interested in this too.
    Sharon Whitfield
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    > Has anyone been able to insert data into LibAnalytics via an API or a
    > webservice?
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