I am hoping to get an overall picture of the tools others in the field may be using to create and validate RDF metadata. Our team is migrating our current digital repository to one that utilizes RDF and linked data as a back-end framework, and will be creating some records from scratch as well as migrating others over from XML. 

We looked into RDF Studio, a software tool offered through It appears to have very rich features for RDF editing, ontology linking, validation, and visualization. However, it seems the software was abandoned as there is no longer a way to order it off the site and contact emails bounce back. Has anyone used this software in the past and/or know more about its status?

Additionally, we’ve looked into other individual tools, such as dotNetRDF’s toolkit package, but are unsure of their true effectiveness for large scale projects or if better solutions and workflows are out there. Is your library or organization using any RDF tools/workflows you would recommend? 

Thank you!

Adrienne Hieb

Adrienne M. Hieb, MLS
Metadata Librarian
Cadence Group, Inc.
NASA Goddard Library 
Greenbelt, MD  20771