It seems you may now have things in hand, so I'll weigh in more for the 
sake of completeness.  The newest release of marc4j contains code for 
programmatically editing MARC records that was migrated over from 
the SolrMarc project.

The following edit specification would accomplish the edit you describe:

710_0=and(and(subfieldmatches("a", "Faux College"),subfieldmatches("b", "Special Collections")), indicatormatches("2", " "))=>deletefield()

The marc4j library doesn't (yet) contain a driver program that would allow
the record editor class to be easily invoked, and the syntax of the edit 
specification language is not yet documented anywhere.  Partly because I 
feel the language still needs some work, and partly because I've run low
on iron gall ink. 

Bob Haschart
University of Virginia

On 12 January 2017 at 06:06, Julie Swierczek <[log in to unmask]>

> Dominique,
> Thanks.  I started with Marc Edit and you are correct that it is very easy
> to use.  The reason I wanted to do this in XSLT is that is part of a series
> of other transformations I need to do, and I figured I might as well learn
> how to do it now.  (I am picking up a lot of XSLT skills while messing with
> these files, and I figure I might as well carry on with doing so.)
> But thank you very much for the suggestion - hopefully someone else will
> be able to use it!
> Julie

Conal Tuohy