I wrote a little hack called the Synonomizer, a Python-based CGI script allowing the reader to create a synonym file suitable for use in Solr. From the blog posting:[1]

  Here is how Synonymizer works. First it reads a configured
  database of previously generated synonyms.† In the beginning,
  this file is empty but must be readable and writable by the HTTP
  server. Second, Synonymizer reads the database and offers the
  reader to: 1) create a new set of synonyms, 2) edit an existing
  synonym, or 3) generate a synonym file. If Option #1 is chosen,
  then input is garnered, and looked up in WordNet. The script will
  then enable the reader to disambiguate the input through the
  selection of apropos definitions. Upon selection, both WordNet
  hyponyms and hypernyms will be returned. The reader then has the
  opportunity to select desired words/phrase as well as enter any
  of their own design. The result is saved to the database. The
  process is similar if the reader chooses Option #2. If Option #3
  is chosen, then the database is read, reformatted, and output to
  the screen as a stream of text to be used on Solr or something
  else that may require similar functionality. Because Option #3 is
  generated with a single URL, it is possible to programmatically
  incorporate the synonyms into your Solr indexing process

For a limited period of time, one can play with Synonomizer in a sandbox. [2]

[1] blog posting -
[2] sandbox -

Eric Morgan
University of Notre Dame