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On Wed, Jan 18, 2017 at 3:10 AM, Eric Lease Morgan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> I wrote a little hack called the Synonomizer, a Python-based CGI script
> allowing the reader to create a synonym file suitable for use in Solr. From
> the blog posting:[1]
>   Here is how Synonymizer works. First it reads a configured
>   database of previously generated synonyms.† In the beginning,
>   this file is empty but must be readable and writable by the HTTP
>   server. Second, Synonymizer reads the database and offers the
>   reader to: 1) create a new set of synonyms, 2) edit an existing
>   synonym, or 3) generate a synonym file. If Option #1 is chosen,
>   then input is garnered, and looked up in WordNet. The script will
>   then enable the reader to disambiguate the input through the
>   selection of apropos definitions. Upon selection, both WordNet
>   hyponyms and hypernyms will be returned. The reader then has the
>   opportunity to select desired words/phrase as well as enter any
>   of their own design. The result is saved to the database. The
>   process is similar if the reader chooses Option #2. If Option #3
>   is chosen, then the database is read, reformatted, and output to
>   the screen as a stream of text to be used on Solr or something
>   else that may require similar functionality. Because Option #3 is
>   generated with a single URL, it is possible to programmatically
>   incorporate the synonyms into your Solr indexing process
>   pipeline.
> For a limited period of time, one can play with Synonomizer in a sandbox.
> [2]
> [1] blog posting -
> [2] sandbox -
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