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This week I’ve been thinking a lot about the TV shows you watch and enjoy as an adult mainly because they were on the air when you were young--even if they’re totally weird, or dated. There’s a certain nostalgia factor that just pulls you in. Anyways, that’s how I’m explaining all the Frasier I watched last night.


If only Reading Rainbow were on Netflix. (They need a suggestions hotline. I’d start up a call-in campaign for sure.)


This week’s jobs:


·         Florida State University has shared two openings related to digital scholarship: The Digital Scholarship Technologist will focus on the agile development of infrastructure, while the Digital Scholarship Repository Specialist will focus on development of institutional repository services. (Can we just take a second to appreciate the education requirement for both of these? A Bachelor’s isn’t the only way in. Thanks for thinking of that, FSU.)

·         Boston College is hiring a Data and Visualization Librarian to develop and provide library services for manipulation, visualizaiton, and management of qualitative and quantitative datasets.

·         The University of Michigan needs a Data Workflow Specialist. A key focus for the position will be to understand and connect with the various disciplinary workflows on campus in order to inform the development of technical infrastructures and data service.

·         The University of North Texas Libraries are looking for a Special Collections Metadata Librarian. The person hired to the position will carry out a number of duties related to the cataloging, metadata, and discovery of digital special collections.  


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