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From: Antoine Doucet <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 9:02 AM
Subject: [SIG-IRList] CFP: ICDAR2017 Competition on Post-OCR Text Correction
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================= *Call for Participation*  ==================

*ICDAR2017 Competition on Post-OCR Text Correction *    *more information
on* *

**** GOAL ****
Improve/denoise OCR-ed texts, based on an a original corpus of OCRed
documents composed of 12M characters (2.1M tokens) aligned with their
corresponding Gold Standard, with an equal share of English- and
French-written materials. You can participate in English, French, or
both. Given
the noisy OCR of printed text, the participants are invited to participate
in the two following independent subtasks : *1)* *DETECTION* and *2)
CORRECTION*. The participant are encouraged to compute separate scores for
the English- and the French-written parts of the collection, allowing for
the evaluation of language-specific approaches.

*  - TASK 1)* Detection of OCR errors: given the raw OCR-ed text, the
participants are asked to provide the position and the length of the
suspected errors.

* - **TASK 2) *Correction of OCR errors: given the OCR errors in their
context, the participants are asked to provide, for each error, either a)
only their one correction or b) a ranked list of candidates for correction.
Providing multiple candidates enables the indirect evaluation of
semi-automated techniques, with a human in the loop.

 • Training dataset available online : End-Feb. 2017
 • Registration deadline : 30th March 2017
 • Result submission : 15th June 2017
  • ICDAR2017 Conference : 10th November 2017

A* competition report including both the description of the methodology and
a comparative analysis of participants' performances will be submitted for
publication at the ICDAR2017 conference.*

 • Guillaume CHIRON (BnF/L3i) : guillaume.chiron(at)
 • Antoine DOUCET (L3i) : antoine.doucet(at)
 • Jean-Philippe MOREUX (BnF) : jean-philippe.moreux(at)

**** WEBSITE ****