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There are so many cool sessions at the annual meeting of the American Institute for Conservation. There are talks about preserving aircraft materials + microscope slides + mummies. A very diglib-relevant session entitled Digital Preservation Actions as Interventive Conservation Treatments. A lecture on safely mount textiles on figures in “extreme action poses”. I mean, whaaat. Is this a professional conference or a theme park? Too much fun.

DLF and the Kress Foundation are offering a fellowship in support of AIC attendance to one member of our community. The award includes a travel stipend and free conference registration, as part of an exchange which also brought AIC members to the DLF Forum in November. The fellow will write a short post for the DLF blog upon their return.

Anyone affiliated with a DLF member institution may apply! Instructions are here, and the deadline is March 1.


Questions? Ideas for incorporating aircrafts + mummies into DLF? I’m only an email away.





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