The University of Michigan Library is seeking a Front-End Architect and Accessibility Specialist. The specialist position is twofold. As Front-End Architect, this position provides leadership for creating and maintaining high-quality, efficient user interfaces and setting front-end development standards across the Library’s websites, as well as for developing tools and workflows to maintain those standards. The Front-End Architect sets the direction for front-end development and coordinates related projects and initiatives, including the day-to-day work of other interface developers.  

As Accessibility Specialist, this position helps to ensure that the resources we provide meet or exceed the accessibility requirements of our users. This includes evaluating interfaces (both legacy interfaces and interfaces we are creating, licensing, or planning to license) as well as consulting with developers, designers, and groups. The Specialist performs a significant amount of outreach with the campus and library accessibility officers and sets the direction for establishing best universal design practices and workflows for assessment.

The Front-End Architect and Accessibility Specialist reports to the Head of Design & Discovery.

The library is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce and encourages all employees to fully incorporate their diverse backgrounds, skills, and life experiences into their work and towards the fulfillment of the library's mission.

For more information about the position and to apply, please see our job ad

Rachel Vacek
Head of Design & Discovery
Library Information Technology | University of Michigan Library

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