January 31, 2017

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GET READY for VIVO Camp in New Mexico

The VIVO Project is pleased to announce that the first VIVO Camp will be offered April 6-8 (Thursday-Saturday) at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.

The two and a half day camp will begin with the basics and build toward more advanced concepts–no prior VIVO experience is required. Participants can expect to gain a broad understanding of all aspects of implementing VIVO, including scoping and planning, development and data ingest, user engagement and customizations coupled with multiple opportunities for applying hands-on techniques working with experienced VIVO  gurus.

• A draft curriculum is available here: https://goo.gl/bAO7vm
• Register here

Meet our VIVO experts

Our faculty, who have experienced many successful VIVO implementations, will be ready to meet and consult with participants. They will use their expertise to offer attendees’ possible solutions for problems and barriers to implementation–so please come prepared to discuss your specific issues.  Mike Conlon, VIVO Project Director points out, “VIVO Camp provides an ideal environment for people considering VIVO and those new to VIVO to meet each other, meet with experts in the VIVO community, and get up to speed quickly.” 

• Mike Conlon, VIVO Project Director and served as the principal investigator at the University of Florida on the NIH grant to create the VIVO community

• Graham Triggs, VIVO Technical Lead

• Violeta Ilik, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine

• Paul Albert, Weill Cornell Medicine, and chair of the VIVO Implementation Interest Group

• Julia Trimmer, Duke University. Julia manages the Scholars@Duke team and serves as the Co-Lead of the VIVO Outreach and Engagement Interest Group.

The first day of camp will feature a broad overview of VIVO, including a feature review, and the rationale behind why others have chosen to implement VIVO at their institutions. Day two will be more hands-on, with in-depth explanations of core and external services coupled with exercises. Finally, the camp will finish with a discussion on future directions for the project. Each day will include hands on exercises, and breakout sessions for sharing ideas regarding VIVO and VIVO implementations.

An opportunity to register for VIVO Camp at a discounted rate is offered to DuraSpace members. Space is limited–VIVO Camp has a cap of 30 people. You must register by February 24 to reserve your place.

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