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This is an invitation to participate in the Digital Library Federation Pedagogy (aka #DLFteach) Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development project ( in 2017. There is more information about the group below, but first, a few words about participating in the Digital Library Pedagogy group and its projects.


What does it mean to join a group or project? The only requirement for joining is a willingness to devote a small amount of your time contributing to the community of digital library pedagogy. You do not need to attend the Digital Library Forum, nor do you need to work for an institution that is a Digital Library Federation member.


What is the Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development project?


The #DLFteach Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development project formed following the first two #DLFteach Twitter chats in early 2016. Participants were looking for opportunities to develop professional skills for teaching with and about digital libraries such as tutorials, webinars, and workshops. Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development's first project was an Environmental Scan of existing resources to aid digital library practitioners in finding and developing teaching skills and resources. Additional ideas for future collaboration recently emerged from the Digital Library Pedagogy Working Lunch at the 2016 Digital Library Forum.


Existing and newly interested participants in the Resource Sharing and Professional Skills Development project are invited to participate in a kick-off phone call on Tuesday, February 14 at 11am CT. We’ll be discussing our work from last year and determining future directions. Please join us if you’d like to learn more:

Or just call 202-750-4186 . No PIN needed.


If you cannot make the call but are interested being involved, please contact me at [log in to unmask] for more info. Meeting notes will be posted online and shared for those that can’t attend.


For questions regarding the larger Digital Library Pedagogy Group, please contact either myself or Eleanor Dickson at [log in to unmask].


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Elizabeth Kelly, C.A., D.A.S.
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Monroe Library 332
Loyola University, New Orleans
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