Hi Committee!

The proposal looks good. I like the fact that you've covered the fiscal sponsorship issue (triumph!).

However, I have concerns that AirBnB (according to some) may be partly responsible for driving up rents in big markets (such as those in Los Angeles and I imagine DC) by making it more attractive for landlords to put an entire building up for rent via AirBnB where prices would be much higher than for a typical residential rental.[1]

However, other housing/rooming options could be just fine (I've heard good things about hostels) and I like that you're being budget conscious.

Can we swing it so the dates coincide with peak cherry blossom time ;-)

[1] Logan, T. (2015, Jun 10). 2 SIDES OF AIRBNB; site pushes a mom-and-pop image as fast growth brings scrutiny. Los Angeles Times Retrieved from 

Christina Salazar
Systems Librarian
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Subject: [CODE4LIB] 2018 Code4Lib hosting proposal - Washington DC

Hi all,

For next year’s Code4Lib conference, the DC team has put together a hosting proposal for Washington D.C.

We would love to hear what you think!

Thank you,
2018 Code4Lib at D.C. Organizational Committee
Jaime Mears - Library of Congress (Chair) Boyhun Kim - University of Maryland, Baltimore, Health Sciences and Human Services Library Nick Kerelchuck - DC Public Libraries Joel Richard - Smithsonian Libraries Ben Wallberg- University of Maryland Libraries Kate Dohe - University of Maryland Libraries