We're definitely keeping our eye on FOLIO, and gathering up RFP is actually part of that effort.  This summer, we're planning on building our roadmap and using it to evaluate FOLIO.  Our current ILS is getting long in the tooth, and our involvement in OLE has pushed that out even further, but we're willing to wait on FOLIO development as we like how the project is currently going and have high hopes for it.  This is part of the evaluation preparation for that in the fall (or into 2018).

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If I may humbly suggest, another path forward is to consider joining the OLE libraries in the work of building up the apps that will operate on the FOLIO platform. You will probably be working to write detailed specifications anyway. The difference is that you'll be working with a cohort of libraries to describe exactly what you need in a user-experience-first process ( rather than trying to match existing systems to desired functionality. The risk is, of course, that the project may move at a speed that doesn't match your needs.

A great way to hear more about the state of the project is to join the FOLIO Forum on Wednesday for an update on the roadmap and a demonstration of the project so far:



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> Code4Lib,
> With the conference going today, I figured it would be a good time to get this request in -- for libraries who have recently developed an RFP for their ILS, would you be willing to share that RFP with me? Here at Villanova, we'd be interested to see what other libraries had put into their requests. While our ILS update is a bit down the pike (we are keeping our eyes on FOLIO's development at the moment), we think it would be a worthwhile exercise to develop our own RFP so we can do some preliminary planning. Thanks everyone!
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