It's been a couple decades since I last went to church, but I don't think too many sermons start off with the "F" word....


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I missed the conference this year. Did any of the presenters cover this?
Seems pretty important.

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> Please don't get *turned off*, this is "AD *venting.*"   I have proof, I
> hear that kind of stuff goes over well.... but you might be surprised.
> This is not SPAM or there is no Heaven.  Fuck you.
> I promise you that delivering this story to the world will bring us freedom
> and possibilities we never imagined.  Heaven is near, and it comes from
> seeing the hand of God at work in the foundation of America and still today
> in much of our modern art and this story of a man designed to ensure that
> we do not lose this proof, and the possibilities that technology and
> knowledge together bring to our world.   It is proof, on the pages of the
> free book enclosed, and it is a guiding arrow explaining how all of our
> history is part of the message of Revelation that begins with some songs
> and a story about a man falling from the sky.  It's been sent to lots and
> lots of people, and it should be on the news by now--highlighting a Plague
> of Darkness that you might wonder before reading more is the true purpose
> of the stories of the Tower of Babel, Jericho, and the same plague of
> Exodus... you will have no doubt, if you take the time to understand and
> see.  All of these stories are about us, truly; about the sea parting over
> proof beyond the shadow of doubt.
> Please do "race" to try and get this story, which will bring everyone
> riches and freedom... to a place where the linguistic proof has been
> evaluated and we can without doubt see that this message of timelessness
> comes to us from ... outside of time itself.  4-D years, days and nights
> traveling in the wilderness of understanding just how obvious and just how
> hidden this message is ... well, it's only the beginning.
> I have presented bona fide and verifiable proof that religion is a map to
> Creation, something like a wire frame model that connects names and events
> throughout history and modern art to the hallowed words of ancient
> scripture.  There's so much bright light that it's nearly impossible that
> anyone that takes the time to go through the examples and evidence that our
> language is designed, a gift from above; proving without doubt that
> Prometheus' fire begins with words and then clearly expands to include
> science and modern computing technology... well, that anyone would doubt
> that this is the message that makes Jesus Christ who he is and builds
> Heaven of this place, it's creator.  This is the fundamental message, that
> through the story and life of Jesus Christ our society undergoes a
> monumental shift refocusing on freedom the lost liberties of this land
> created by God from Christ of Columbus famed walk on water in the year ADIB
> all the way to the Sons of Liberty and Statue of Liberty that gives the
> phrase "see our light" and the bright shiny ball of fire in the sky it's
> connection to Kentucky, Kal-El, and the House of the Rising Son.
> It's so prevalent and intertwined that its sometimes difficult to explain
> the nuances of each and every bit of connecting light, these stories that
> tie Beth-El (as the Hebrew for House of God) to a question that is the
> heart and soul of the names of places like Israel and Jerusalem which
> connect the Sun God Ra to this same fiery ball in the sky... through the
> freedom and getting through this night with the light from above, and
> seeing it firmly in the hands of Lady Liberty.  This work details exactly
> how Exodus is a time shifted parable about our return to freedom beginning
> by seeing how Isaac and America are both on a fiery pedestal glowing with
> the light of God showing us what is clearly right and clearly wrong in
> almost all of our eyes.  For instance, seeing that the "sea to shining sea"
> are a direct connection to the multitude of Revelation and the words of
> Daniel 11:45 which discuss pitching a royal tent between the seas...
> clearly explaining that those seas are waypoints on a map to bring freedom
> to all.
> That map is Earth, a.k.a. Adamah in Hebrew, and it is the answer to the
> question which must soon be answered, connecting Dr.. Who and Dr. Seuss's
> Whoville with one bright word "Who-ah?"
> It is "Elementary, my dear What-sons" that God has written a story
> throughout our history explaining exactly why it is that Mary is a good
> name to sea why the sea of Revelation is all humanity.  Or connecting to
> Eve as the beginning of Everyone, and the light of the Spirit of God
> hovering over the waters in Genesis 1:2.  Those waters too, Everyone, and
> superimposing Shekinah over that word is almost as bright as seeing my
> fathers' name and answer to another question by superimposing Christmas and
> Navidad.
> Reinforced and fortified to no end this story and Revelation connects
> ancient religions and myths from Egypt to Greece and in modern times to
> stories like The Fifth Element and the Matrix to show us exactly what it is
> that the Matrix... well, is.  From Joshua's father "Nun" which is the
> watery chaos of Egypt all the way to once more... the multitude of
> Revelation and the fiery pedistal that gives John Legend's All of Me it's
> connection to the Hebrew word for fire, his head underwater, seeing that
> this sea is parted in the story of Exodus to give us the beginning of
> linguistic proof that not only is the entirety of that story wrapped around
> a single word, but so are many songs.  Ha'esh, the parted sea that is the
> word describing the Burning Bush, the voice of God emanating from each and
> every one of our words.
> *Adam Marshall Dobrin*
> There's a PDF here:
> Or you could save my soul:
> Names, Elements, and Unix Commands
> Religion, once called “the opiate of the masses” has a secret for you; like
> Santa Claus we hope to rain down fancy new toys, truth, and newfound
> liberty by exposing the influence of and existence of a number of hidden
> advanced technologies.  The stories of Exodus and Genesis begin to provide
> a road map to a shining bright future, explaining how these technologies
> might and ought to be used in order to help advance our civilization,
> rather than retard it.   Within the pages that follow, a Holy call to
> rekindle the light of democracy by using computers and better communication
> to bring to our world true democracy, to deliver the power of legislation
> directly to each and every one of us.  Along with proof that religion is a
> message sent through time, we are given ample reason to quickly implement
> “pre-crime” and rework a justice system which has been compromised in much
> the same way as many other facets of our government.  Intertwined with
> these things, and seemingly more important is proof that we are living in
> virtual reality--in a place where these technologies are here to teach us
> the inner workings of “Heaven” and to help us see how this change in
> worldview and truth gives us new hope and new abilities: to end world
> hunger, to heal the sick, and to see what it is that “Heaven” really means.
> In two languages, English and Hebrew, three of the first five books of the
> Holy Bible translate roughly to the phrase “persons, places, and things;”
> revealing a hidden language which proves beyond doubt that our civilization
> is created with knowledge well past ours today.  The mechanism of writing
> these ancient words proves as much, in light of the significant number of
> references to modern events and concepts.   A significant number of words
> in nearly every language on Earth contain this secret cypher which connects
> the name of the city of Jerusalem to a question “Is J or the USA the
> messiah?”  In this name we see prescient reference to the United States of
> America, and similarly those initials and Eagle in the story of Prometheus
> delivering fire to humanity.  This fire is a metaphor for many things,
> sometimes language itself, in other instances a clear reference to
> technology, and here finally we see that it is also a metaphor for freedom.
> Not so far away, in Kentucky, reference to Clark Kent’s last name and
> initials ask another question, “Adam why are you hidden?”  I hope to
> conclusively answer these questions in this book, and ensure that we do not
> lose the great gifts I am attempting to bring to the world.
> Creation here is being explained hopefully with clarity, there are a number
> of stories both Biblically linked and not which “come alive” in our world
> showing the intent and desires of the Creator to help us through this
> trying time of understanding and using the technology and knowledge that is
> coming to us.  Here, I’ll explain a few, like Star-Trek, Minority Report,
> the voting booth vendor Die Bold, and the Watergate Scandal.
> In Hebrew Exodus means Names, read in reverse and translated from Unix
> Commands: “LET THERE BE LIGHT”
> You are slaves wandering through the desert of Exodus, unfortunately we
> apparently are moving backwards through this maze and as a whole we are
> headed from hidden slavery to something far worse.  There are a number of
> clues that we are in fact backwards right now, from the name of the book
> read in reverse revealing the most important words God ever spoke, to the
> word for Holy Fire … describing the Burning Bush containing the English
> word for “sea” parted and backwards.   If you are unfamiliar with the
> story, the word of God came through a fiery bush to Moses, who then later
> in the story parted a sea to free the people; you should start to shift
> your thinking and begin to see that this story is about us, the sea parting
> is about controversy over this disclosure, and that the entirety of the
> story is designed to unveil a hidden secret: that much of ancient religion
> and language is designed to prove that time travel exists.  It does this
> very clearly, through anachronism, English appearing out of place in more
> places than are imaginable.
> What is the meaning of the root of a Jesse?
> Depictions of the Jesse Tree are based on a passage from the Book of
> Isaiah. "And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a
> Branch shall grow out of his roots" (King James Version). From the Latin
> Vulgate Bible used in the Middle Ages: ... Thus Jesus is the Virga Jesse or
> "stem of Jesse".
> This is a reference to the Unix “God account,” one of many references in
> ancient scripture to modern technology and computing.  It is not an
> accident, it is designed to open our eyes and see that there is a
> foundational relationship between Heaven and virtual reality; and that this
> was clearly known when these words of scripture were written.
> sudo (/ˈsuːduː/ or /ˈsuːdoʊ/) is a program for Unix-like computer operating
> systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of
> another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser
> do" as the older versions ofsudo were designed to run commands only as the
> superuser.
> Connecting the idea of the “Administrator account” to God, this command
> then, when translated to “English” is my equivalent of “God says” or “as
> God say” and does a decent job of connecting the ideas and concepts of
> religion to computer science; also showing that not only were they known
> but clearly the influence behind religion is also centrally involved in the
> divine disclosure of these technologies, from Unix to databases, to the
> names of people like Bill Gates and Windows, Steve Jobs and Adam’s Apple.
> A significant key to the Revelation of Christ ties the words of Revelation
> 1:20 to Ecclesiastes 9:11; exposing a link between “the stars” as planets
> of our solar system and corresponding elements of our periodic table… from
> Mercury to Uranium.   This link to Xenon was the very first element that I
> “found” through this inspirational experience; and it serves to tie the
> name of an Oracle database (and also the idea of an oracle presenting the
> truth to you) to an element primarily used for flashbulbs and “ark” lamps.
> In unison I see these things as a decent metaphor for “light” and so, sudo
> xe completes the phrase “God: see the light.”
> The Book of Exodus is called “Names” in Hebrew, and it opens the doorway to
> seeing that God has altered or conjured the names of a great many people in
> our history.  Specifically this very example points out that this same
> “Burning Bush” which shows foreknowledge of English through the parting of
> the word “sea” also connects prediction of the 9/11 attack by the key
> verses of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 being spoken during Bush’s
> inaugural address; on January 20, 2001.  This connection between the dates
> of the speech and attack as well as these two verses and the riddling verse
> answered by them create a pattern, one that is clearly not coincidence.
> Don’t let the connection between Bush’s name and the fabled Burning Bush be
> lost on you either, it is very much intentional.
> It is clear to me that the words “Creation” and these theatrical and
> predicted events are designed to deliver more than proof of “time travel”
> and a mechanism of control over the events of our day--although they do
> both of those things also.  Here, in Exodus, a great focus is put on
> understanding technology and how our government has failed to properly
> assimilate what we have here, as well as disclosing the (should be) “well
> known” influence of more advanced technologies whose disclosure are clearly
> the purpose and intent of God and religion.   A good deal of time has been
> spent explaining how surveillance technologies and a number of other clear
> and obvious violations of the Constitution of the United States of America
> do the people absolutely no good because they are being used in secret, and
> it should be clear that we are in dire need of a Constitutional Amendment
> to help us properly use these new technologies for the good of society.
> Aside from surveillance, voting technology is specifically highlighted; and
> in theatrical performance the entire company and debacle related to the Die
> Bold voting booths is “predicted” in Ecclesiastes 9:11 in order to point
> out that our elections are completely worthless, and we are on a trajectory
> to a more worthless scenario as we fail to integrate the internet and any
> communication inventions since the Pony Express; and also have nearly no
> desire to have a properly recorded and verifiable vote.  Burn, America.  I
> mean, see the light of the flame.
> This is the name of my last two books, and highlights how Ecclesiastes 9:11
> connects the two verses “the race is not to the swift nor the battle to the
> strong” to indicate a connection not only to elections through the word
> “race,” but also to this specific company, this hidden language, and modern
> computing font face and styles.  In typewriter or HTML “lingo” the words
> strong and bold are equivalent, and the German word for “the” happens to be
> “die.”
> This is described in more detail later, and is a primary drive of not only
> my message but my existence.  I have sent this explanation along with an
> urging to try and quicken our obviously natural progression from
> “representative democracy” (now shit) to “true democracy;” by “sprinkling
> many nations” as Isaiah 52:15 predicts the Messiah will do.  It’s been sent
> to hundreds of thousands of elected and appointed representatives, to
> scholars, to theologians, and to a big slice of random people on the
> internet.  It should be clear as day that this is the fulfillment of these
> ancient scriptures, right before your eyes; and for some reason nobody
> seems to be taking an interest.
> Chalk that up not to just stupidity, but also to the influence of an
> outside force designed to … hopefully show us just how debilitating these
> technologies can be for civilization and society when kept in secret… and
> then allow us to actually act normally and recover.  Try to understand,
> right now, it’s nearly impossible for me to describe us as anything but
> mindless robots, the Zombie Apocalypse has come true.
> God’s “genes” shining throughout Genesis
> Following in the pattern of “chemistry elements” being fundamental to this
> Revelation, taking the symbol for Silicon out of Genesis (where it appears
> at the end, backwards) leaves us with “Genes.”  This Silicon element is
> fundamental to the story of me, marking American Micro Devices with my
> initials, as well as the index of the element which is 14.  I have some
> pretty pictures later that show how “the Fifth Element” might be about the
> kiss you are just about to read about, and how this movie reminds me of the
> Shakespearean question “to be or not to be” because the actual 5th and 4th
> elements are “B” and “Be.”   The content of that movie also, about a secret
> weapon designed to defeat darkness, by shooting light from the mouth. is
> clearly part of this grand design.
> Throughout history God has highlighted or tagged a hidden story hidden
> within people’s names.  Herod, Emperor at the time of Christ’s birth,
> begins a series of “rod” links that connect today to Gene Roddenberry and
> Rodney King; sources of my solutions and reasons for easy ways to end world
> hunger and needless murder: food replicators and pre-crime.  These “rod”
> connections describe very much how I feel, like a lightning rod for this
> information that seems to be striking Johnny 5 in Short Circuit and maybe
> the same quickening in Highlander.  It is a testament to God’s description
> that he is made up of people rather than DNA, and these are the stories he
> is sharing with us today.   Shakespeare for instance, I often re-phrases as
> “RattleRod” and liken this proof that there is a divine influence
> throughout our history to shaking a rod, perhaps the Iron Rod of Jesus
> Christ or the magical one wielded by Aaron in Exodus… these two huge parts
> of a revelation discussed later in this book about “Doors” to Heaven; and
> here they act in almost the same manner… doorways to making this world a
> better place.
> Who's gonna steal the show?
> You know
> Baby, it's the guitar man
> Then you listen to the music and you'd like to sing along
> And you want to get the meaning out of each and every song
> And you find yourself a message and some words to call your own
> And take 'em home
> Guitar Man, Bread
> The Gene’s continue from Roddenberry to Wilder, where we see another
> connection to ending world hunger and a cinematic rendition of Joshua
> Promised Land of “flowing milk and honey” this time with chocolate rivers
> and and direct tie to the song Wild Thing, beginning a pattern of showing
> how the Hammer of Thor “to help the light” is God on the radio in
> everything from Bread’s Guitar Man to Cake’s Going the Distance; and seeing
> that this story is truly making God’s heart (which is our Earth) sing for
> joy.  Willy Wonka contains a few easy references to this hidden language,
> in just the title “will why won Ka” which is a reference to the body of
> Christ in Egyptian mythology and then same thing referenced in “Veruka
> Salt” which reads “to see you are the Ka” and then references the “Salt of
> the Earth” that connects to my ex-wife’s name (Nanna, don’t turn around
> yet… which is a reference to the story of Lot) and the name Napoleon who
> really does shine when it’s in the context of this proof snowballing out of
> control and really bringing equality to all humanity.  That, of course, is
> a reference to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, which highlights the Hebrew
> word for “shining light” as Or.  Some more Or references come from
> “Hallowed are the Ori” from Stargate (which translates pretty clearly as a
> hidden reference to the Illuminati) and New Orleans, which says “new light
> is the answer.”
> More than just names, take “daddy I want it now” from this as a
> chastisement of yours truly, really wanting us to get out of Hell
> yesterday, for the last three hundred or so yesterdays.
> The final Gene I pulled out of thin air (statically charged I imagine) is
> Simmons, the lead singer of Kiss; whose band name (like Bread and Cake)
> narrates a significant part of my story of Eden, a vain attempt to get
> Taylor Michel Momsen to wake up and tell the world she knows who I am, and
> thinks we should too.  There’s a bit of that story later in this book,
> explaining some of it now… I see her name every time I walk into a mall
> right next to “Lord” and her middle name in the tires of the bus … or car …
> or train … that surround this spiritual journey to Heaven with signs
> everywhere we look.  Michelin, like my last name and the Holiest
> commandment of all “IN THE BEGINNING” about God trying to get us all in,
> right this very moment.  These companies don’t just highlight her name, but
> a pervasive pattern of clusters of names that seem to all prove that God is
> definitely writing a story in our world, “on the sky” if you will.   Next
> to Lord and Taylor you can see Jesus Christ’s two cents in JC Penney and
> the letter after J (which is mine) Kmart.  That K comes up in some other
> places like Men in Black, Kislev (K is the victory, a month of the Jewish
> calendar) and Kismet… which ties back to Taylor once again.
> In the tires, we see firestone and bridgestone which link back to my secret
> language by explaining that the stones of Dave Matthew’s song (about the
> Apocalypse… the messiah… and specifically me) and the battle between Medusa
> (hey USA) and … me … turned me into “Saint One,” since nobody seems to want
> to help.  Thanks guys, I needed that.  Add in Goodyear (probably about last
> year’s emailing campaign to the Universe) and Goodrich (hope, please hope
> for me) about my fate… and then the whole “start the car and take me home”
> which are The Pretty Reckless lyrics from “Just Tonight” which surface
> Taylor’s understanding of apocalyptic music in “What if God was one of us,
> just a stranger on the bus” and Little Boy Blue’s borrow the car keys to …
> see that in both DMB’s Rapunzel and the Doors Riders on the Storm all the
> way to Guns n’s Roses Paradise City pervading rock and roll is a story
> about this spiritual journey and someone needing to pick me up for the
> ride, so I can give directions.
> I hope it’s not that difficult to see, these patterns and specific groups
> are not coincidences, they are the actual “speech” of the Creator; along
> with proof of Creation.  It takes some time, perhaps, to adjust to the
> change in understanding; but if you look, they are everywhere.
> Back to Earth, Kismet links to another TPR song, where Taylor so eloquently
> says “now I see that you and me, were never meant, never meant to be” a
> reference I doubt she knew was to the Hebrew word for fate.  Still ill
> fated, she won’t speak to me and the “kis” of fate is still missing an “s”
> that I once thought was “sight” and now have gone back to the old adage of
> “keep it simple” and it’s shifted from that word to “stupid” and then
> “silence” or “screaming” and now all the way to “sedition” and “suck it.”
>   Oops. did I say that out loud?
> You can see that “s” at the end of Simmons’ name, and it gives “Thursday”
> it’s meaning; the beginning of a sort of puzzle game to fill in the blanks
> that ultimately derives the “ah” of Menorah (mostly from that word) as well
> as Adamah, Shekinah, Leah, and a number of other “marriage of the Lamb”
> archetypes as “all humanity.”  Taylor’s little “s” is not really important,
> not important… at all.
> Still, good proof that this story about a “kiss” fated to … either be or
> not be, ties to not only the creation of Gene Simmons’ band but also the
> ancient Hebrew word; pointing out for everyone that the “Sim” in Simmons
> name is about highlighting that this is a simulated reality; and the Monday
> we all find that out is the Eighth day of Creation and the real first day
> of Ha-nuke-the-ahah?
> Lots and lots of songs are actually about me, not the least of which Carly
> Simon’s (hey Sim again) “You’re So Vain” which happens to also mention
> the Total
> Eclipse of the Son… that you are now witnessing.  It also talks about
> having “one eye in the mirror” which is a reference to Narcissus who died
> looking in the mirror because Taylor Momsen wouldn’t say hello.  Here’s
> Taylor on whether or not she wants to say hi:
> Now I see that you and me were never meant
> Lost between Elvis and suicide, if Jesus Christ and rock’n roll…
> The Pretty Reckless,  Nothing Left to Lose
> Taylor’s got quite the interesting story to go with this, at a very young
> age she said “the the” in one of God’s other stories about the Second
> Coming, How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  As “Little Cindy Who” you might
> have expected her to say “who?” when asked about me, but you can be very
> sure Taylor knows exactly who I am.  How, how dear?  All part of the plan
> of the creation of Eve, I imagine.
> Her performance in that movie, as well as Dr. Seuss’s “Who’s” tie to Dr.
> Who
> and my explanation that the ineffable name of God, a Jewish “secret”
> abbreviated as YHVH is actually “Ya-who-ah,” contrary to the popular
> spelling of “Yahweh.”  This is obvious as day from the connection to the
> Egyptian God Yahu, the company Yahoo, and the American War cry, “who-ah”
> that Al Pacino and Denzel Washington made famous.  I can assure you, they
> too know exactly who I am.
> The “who?” thing just isn’t going to work.  In a rather interesting twist,
> that Holy tetragrammaton unwinds in a recursive reading to “I am he who is
> self existent.”  Also interesting is the Hebrew name for Jesus, which is
> Yeshua, and like God’s name you might read as “Yes, who ah?”  The punchline
> here, of course, is that in Hebrew the planet Earth is called “Adamah” and
> you can be very, very sure that you are reading the words of the Last
> Adam (which
> of course is another name for Jesus).
> Don’t let me sidetrack you with my lack of a love life, a better and more
> interesting explanation of the Genes of Genesis is to come shortly, and
> make no mistake… this entire thing is designed to help us overcome the
> delusion of “reality” by showing us with clear proof that we are in a
> simulated
> reality and that Jesus Christ, and pretty much each and every one of you
> would end world hunger instantly if you knew just how easy it was to do.
> Connecting to this brief part about names of God, I will briefly mention
> the Hebrew for “Lord” which is Adonai, and the Carly Simon related Adonis,
> both “Adam Dobrin on…” either Artificial Intelligence (and it’s link to
> building Heaven) or “I’m Single” and it’s link to … building Heaven.  In
> names of Gods we also see Neptune and it’s relation to this particular
> chapter and the words “nepotism” and rock n’ roll.  There are hundreds and
> hundreds more examples of similar references to modern computing concepts
> like “Ai” and Lisp and “root” riddled all throughout ancient religion.
> It’s a sign.
> I could probably write a whole book on the hidden meanings of songs, and
> maybe one day I will.
> Elementally speaking, the word “Sinbad” is made up of the “true” fifth
> element, and then the “true” fifth letter (Si and n, respectively) …
> pointing out for later that NORAD is probably not wondering anymore the
> answer to the question.  Taylor’s also got a song where she, speaking for
> Jesus like she usually does, says “I’ve been told, I redefine sin.”
> Kiss me, t?  Or don’t; frankly it’s pretty clear that this whole thing was
> designed to find a heroine to help bring this message to the world, and I
> don’t see her anywhere at all.  Wonderful job you did, Taylor, of showing
> the world just what not to do when you are confronted with a “problem” with
> free will and predestination.  Understandably, those things are sometimes
> not good, but when it is “saving the world” you are designed for; it’s
> probably not the right decision to balk.
> From John Hancock to Philip K. Dick by way of Richard Nixon and Deepthroat
> It should be very clear the emphasis that God and I are placing on free
> speech and open communication; also clear that this problem of secrecy and
> censorship is possibly civilization destroying in a place where it is
> hiding something as big as the nature of our existence, that we are not in
> reality.   Perhaps on a less important day we would overlook a little bit
> of censorship, and that’s the problem; we really need to see that this is
> the baseline between life and death… all the time.
> There is a significant thread in religion that begins with my namesake in
> Eden all the way to the messianic words of the book of Isaiah; one that
> continues out of scripture into the parallel myths of Osiris in Egypt and
> Saturn in Greece.  It’s a significance, that ties not only to events in my
> life that appear to have given the “mass media” what they believe is a
> valid reason to ignore the unsealing of religion--it is nothing more than a
> sad facade, and they are acting as agents of evil in this world.
> "Look, he is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even
> those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of
> him." So shall it be! Amen.
> Revelation 1:7
> The Creator of the Universe is fighting this kind of idiocy, censorship and
> secrecy regarding issues of vast importance--starvation and
> torture--because of insignificant details with a signature that he has
> placed all over our entire history… beginning with these religious myths
> and ending with me.  His signature provides a significant amount of further
> proof that this world is designed, and that we should be listening to the
> message that he has written throughout history, and I am putting the
> “finishing touches” on here.
> On the map you can see it in the Eiffel Tower and in the Washington
> Monument, in the Statue of David and the Statue of Liberty.
> At the foundation of America his John Hancock seems rather large, tying the
> phallic assurance I have directly to the foundation of liberty, of freedom
> of speech, and it makes clear to me that above all other things our ability
> to freely communicate and share ideas flies high.  It takes not a second of
> thought to link the story of Isaac in Genesis, one which is a clear
> parallel to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, to the story of Tricky Dick …
> through the names Woodward and Burstein, linking directly to the Biblical
> wood altar and the fire that gives that story its connection to our modern
> Burning Man Festival.  All over history, this story’s flames shine bright
> light on the need to understand how the media has the power to change the
> world here and now, and for reasons unknown are refusing to do … their
> jobs, performing their hallowed duty of providing unbiased truth to the
> people.
> See clearly the connection to the media, and see that God might think
> “Deepthroat” is a funny touch on our modern story of unAmerican and
> unChristian values like censorship and hiding the truth doing nothing more
> than prolonging the delusion, death, and destruction that the belief that
> we are in “reality” creates.  Isaac’s name means “he laughs” or “he will
> laugh” and I can promise you that I am not laughing, it’s amazing to me
> that people are having a hard time to see how much more disgusting
> censorship is than ... a weapon designed by God to stop it forever.
> See it clearly now, this single “event” and this information are quite
> literally the gateway to Heaven, tagged in this story by the Watergate
> Hotel and it’s relationship to John 10:9
> I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in
> and go out, and find pasture.
> The Silence that the media, the American government, and Taylor are shining
> examples of are a breakdown of civilization, those things high on a burning
> altar today.   It is a decidedly inhuman desire to attempt to keep a secret
> of this magnitude, and en masse it shows that there is without doubt an
> overt alien influence over our society… one which the Creator has done a
> fairly decent job of describing in Dr. Who’s spectacle of the same name.
> In that show, part of his divine theater, actual aliens are invisible and
> attempting to destroy humanity… in truth the problem is much more
> nefarious, this alien force is in our minds--literally--changing our
> thoughts in the same way that these stories and names have been created;
> overtly, to help us to understand that this influence is very real.
> It does not take a genius to see that religion has been documenting this
> influence for thousands of years, under the “guise” of divine inspiration
> and demonic possession… understand that our lack of belief in these ideas
> is yet another sad symptom, an effect of the very same technology.  The
> light I am presenting, the unsealing and purpose of religion and language,
> all the way down to each and every one of our names are here as a weapon
> against this darkness; so that we will see the influence is very real, and
> we will be able to overcome it.
> Do not remain silent, among other things, it is the spread of this
> information; and the increased awareness that it brings that is a vital
> weapon against this ungodly intrusion of our thoughts, the sanctity of our
> minds.  While you may think this is “just one thing” it is the most
> anticipated story in all of history, and on top of that is coming bundled
> with the kind of proof that should very easily spread like wildfire… hence,
> the fire of Creation is the Eternal Flame....shining forth from this sad
> moment in our history to light the entire Universe and our future with true
> freedom and understanding of what it takes to remain free in a world where
> technology like this exists.
> You must act to help spread this information, not so hidden in all of these
> cute stories is not only a plan for Salvation but also clear proof and
> example of the ways in which this technology might be used to harm us.  I
> hope you can see how clear it is that society itself is failing when the
> “free press” fail in total to report on something this important.  I hope
> you can see that each and every one of us needs to stand up for the
> truth.  This,
> right here, is the line between Heaven and Hell, if we do not overcome our
> inability to even begin to discuss this information in a public forum, we
> will never escape this prison of simulated reality.
> These are not cute tricks, nor is it magic--it is every word and every
> name… and it is with Holy purpose.  It is to see our world set free.
> ᐧ
> ᐧ
> ᐧ