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I used to do something like you described but using a piece of software called Tinyproxy ( ). Like the name suggests, it's pretty small and easy to configure. I was using it as part of a linux-based web kiosk. I would configure the browser to point at the configured proxy server, and that would lock a user into a specific website or set of websites.

I have some more info on the kiosk end of things here if anyone is interested. These may not be a totally complete set of instructions, so use at your own risk!


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> Hi All,
> Hope everyone is enjoying the conference! (either in person or 
> virtually)
> We currently use SquidProxy to manage access on a few public 
> workstations so that they can only access specific sites/databases/etc.
> We were wondering if anyone can suggest an alternative/replacement?
> Or on the flip side, has anyone looked into replacing it but stuck 
> with SquidProxy?
> Appreciate any insight you can provide.
> Thanks,
> Cynthia (Arty)
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